I am a Graphic/Multimedia Designer and Artist with over 20 years of experience in industry and government. Specialties include illustrations, identity and collateral design, web design, photography and video, multimedia design and graphics for print or web.
I'm a self-taught Fine Artist and Designer. At a young age, as a New Jersey native I honed my skills by duplicating my rendition of pictures from found imagery into works of art.  Later in life after formal education, I made graphic design my profession and as technology had advanced my talents have multiplied. I have a diverse set of skills that allow me to be successful in multiple mediums and creative in many forms of art.
To get a better understanding of my skills please read on...
• I work well under pressure and can quickly adjust design, content, layout and format to meet client’s unexpected changes and demands. 
• I execute my designs in a bold, clean, and eye-catching graphic style with great attention to detail. I am able to visually see concepts and illustrate anything from given textual information. 
• I hold an exemplary and consistent track record in completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget. 
• I am a successful web designer able to integrate both technical and creative skills to create cross-browser and cross-platform solutions with user-friendly web architecture and navigation systems. 
• I consistently strives to provide good customer service by independently handling issues for customers and ensuring satisfaction.
• I have experience working with diverse clients in industry, government agencies and organizations, that include military, religious organizations, health care professionals, elected officials, recording artists, small businesses, authors, finance consultants, computer repairers, and educators.
• I display exceptional knowledge in computer troubleshooting of software programs. 
• I'm a highly motivated individual who takes the initiative to begin and complete challenging assignments that others find too difficult.
• I'm a principal project manager on various graphic and web design projects providing advice and solutions to graphic and web design and content analysis.
• I continuously attend conferences, workshops and training to improve graphic and technical knowledge. I'm always willing to share and train colleagues with the information I collect. 
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