FDA Drug Disposal Options 
Infographic See full graphic here.
FDA Diversity Day 
Flyer and poster design.
FDA Eat Meet Greet 
Flyer and poster design.
FDA Virtual Walking Challenge 
Campaign poster and flyer.
FDA Music Buffet 
Vertical Banner
FDA CFC Halloween Fundraiser
Hallow on the Hill Poster Layout
FDA Expanded Access Fact Sheets
2 Versions (Patient and Physician focus)
FDA Know Your Source
Campaign flyers for medical professionals.
US Department of Homeland Security 
Recruitment Campaign Posters
US Department of Homeland Security 
Office of Legislation Affairs Mission Statement
FDA Employee Community Clubs
Club Campaign Posters
FDA Employees - Because of what I do...
Federal Pride Campaign Posters
FDA Be Safe Rx 
Magazine Advertisements (not published)
FDA CDER Food and Children's Book Drive
Poster and flyer
FDA CDERDesignz Guidelines for Graphics
Poster and flyer
4 Being a Lady
Logo and poster design for custom made air freshener doll business. 
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